Aoton Winery

Aoton is the ancient Greek word that defines the finest specimen of its class. Today, this name represents the winery dedicated to producing the finest wines with over four generations of experience.

This long tradition of viticulture and wine production is continued by the oenologist Gkinis St. Sotirios.

The family organic vineyards cover an area of 6 hectares, spread in Mesogia Land of Attica Region, where the climate is temperate Mediterranean with hot, dry summers and mild winters.

We cultivate three grape varieties, Savatiano, Roditis and Mandilaria, which give three varietal wines and one Retsina, trademarks of a traditional winery located in the heart of Peania.

The Aoton winery coexist in the neighbourhood where people have deep-rooted relationship with the vine and wine and where high quality protected geographical indication wines wait for you to discover.

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Picture of Aggelioforos 2018 - Andreou Winery
Picture of Thiseas 2017 - Andreou Winery
Picture of Kalipso 2019 - Andreou Winery
Picture of Feggaropetra 2018 - Andreou Winery
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