Athanasiou Winery

Athanassiou Winery is located in the heart of the largest PDO. vineyard of Greece, the mythical Nemea, where the noble red grape variety, Agiorgitiko, has been grown and cultivated for 28 centuries. In the modern winery facilities created in 2007, high quality organic wines are produced using the latest winemaking technologies in combination with respect for the tradition and history of the place. The Athanassiou family has been active in viticulture since 1850, according to the historical land records of the NBG. The privately owned Organic Vineyards extend to the center of Nemea's historic winery at an altitude of 340 to 380 meters.The special micro-climate of the area, the correct orientation of the vineyards as well as the long technical experience, are the main factors, which together with the diligence and perseverance for careful organic cultivation reciprocate every harvest with unique high quality wines.

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