Domaine Kelesidi

In the heart of Χinomavro, in the area of Giannakochori, Imathiα, we produce PDO Naoussa and PGI Imathia wines with special care.

In our traditional winery we produce wines from our privately own vineyards with respect to our clients, focusing on all stages of production process.

The ambition of our family business is the production of wines from organic grapes which will stand up for their organoleptic characteristics and their unique flavor.

The main features of our estate are the emphasis on quality and the personal care placed from our people.

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Picture of Naoussa 2016 - Domaine Kelesidi
Picture of Evodeas 2019 - Domaine Kelesidi
Picture of Sampanitsa 2015 - Domaine Kelesidi
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