Domaine Tarala

The Tarala family's involvement with wine dates back to the beginning of the last century. Nikolaos Taralas, grandfather of D. Taralas, who came from Eastern Romulia, has been involved in grapevine grafting, production and winemaking since the early 20th century. In 1925 Christos Taralas, father of D. Taralas, who settled in Ag. Barbara Imathia, utilizing his family's knowledge of the vineyard and wine, set up a business to produce, vinify and market the products of the vineyard in the city of Veria. Today, part of the equipment of the company is preserved, which included, among other things, wooden barrels with a capacity of 6.5 tons each and linen of 20 tons. The amount that was distributed before the war is estimated at about 250 tons of wine. However, during World War II, property was confiscated by the occupiers and the end of the operation and the natural person took place. Following this tradition and his love for wine, Dimitrios Taralas, an employee of the Bank of Greece, at the same time did not stop cultivating and vinifying a small amount of wine as an amateur. After his retirement, wanting to revive his family's history because it was a dream come true, he decided to set up a state-of-the-art winery with the help of his family, his wife Aspasia Tarala and his twin children, Christos and Nicoleta Tarala. The Tarala winery was founded by the family of Dimitrios Taralas in 2006, which has undertaken the cultivation of the privately owned organic vineyard of approximately 100 acres today and the production of wines of exceptional quality.

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