We would like to share with you exciting stories for generations of winemakers who gave our family, but the truth is that we are new to this area.

Our vineyards were making wine, people loved it, and our vineyards were growing and growing.

The Giannopoulos Vineyards started for the first time to set goals. Key year 2015. The harvest, the year, the production, the winery, it's people. And then the first three bottles arises with a protected geographical indication "Laconia" bearing the label "Giannopoulos Vineyards."

The passion with which embraced the vine, made the earth to give us generously her gifts. We are grateful. And to reciprocate by bringing everything to another level.

Our clear objective now creating wines that fully reveal the character of the wine estate and owners. The label "Giannopoulos Vineyards' now gives and gives wines with character. Wines that are sure to stand out through the multitude of wines. Wines you want in life and on your table.


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