Koukos Winery

In the late 1990s, brothers Panagiotis and Konstantinos Koukos decided to create the Koukos Winery and share their love for good family wine. Utilizing their passion for quality wine and having by their side in recent years Konstantinos' son, Antonis, they were led to the creation of a small production and winemaking unit within the boundaries of the Strofilia ecosystem, 35 km Southwest of Patras. It is a modern family business, based exclusively on the production and bottling of wine from the family's privately owned vineyards that they cultivate with personal care and diligence.

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Picture of Thines 2018 - Koukos Winery
Picture of Fotia 2018 - Koukos Winery
Picture of Lydia 2018 - Koukos Winery
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