Κτήμα Ιατρίδη

Ktima Iatridi started its activity in order to highlight the special characteristics of the area where the older ones had brought the cultivation of the vineyard from the lost homelands. The area has a typical Mediterranean climate and the family vineyards are planted in linear rows in hilly areas with sandy loam soils that face the sea mass of the Aegean and are positively affected by it.The charismatic native and international grape varieties have been cultivated on the estate by the Iatridis family for several years with the sole purpose of better expressing themselves in the wines produced in the microclimate of Lakkoma. The treatment of enemies and diseases of the vine in this environment is done by mild means according to the principles of Integrated Management. The wines produced on the estate bear the designation PGE Halkidiki (Protected Geographical Indication Halkidiki) which proves the excellent acclimatization of the varieties to the characteristic microclimate of the area.

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