Kyathos winery

Kyathos winery is located at the foot of Mount Menoikio in the historic village of Emmanuel Pappas in the prefecture of Serres. The winery has been operating since 2006 in its small facilities. Since 2009 it has been transferred to the privately owned modern facilities of 1500 square meters in an area of ​​4 acres. kyathos bulding1 The name of the winery comes from the name of an ancient clay vessel, the kyathos (or arytaina or pump). The bowl was a cup-shaped spoon with a foot and a high handle. It served as a vessel for pumping wine from jars or as a vessel for drinking The winery is equipped with the most sophisticated winemaking tools such as an extractor, pneumatic press, stainless steel pre-fermentation tanks for white wines, stainless steel fermentation and stabilization tanks with controlled cooling and cooling systems, oak barrels for the barrel. vinification methods. The winery's annual production capacity can reach up to 250 tons of wine.

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Picture of Voreia Gi  2022 - Kyathos Winery
Picture of Voreia Gi 2019 - Kyathos Winery
Picture of Merlot 2019 - Kyathos Winery
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