Liepouris Winery

Liepouris Winery has been around for 65 years since it was founded in 1952. It is a three-generation family-run business that continues up to this day. Our Winery has adopted a modern way of producing wine. Stainless steel tanks are mainly used and modern vinification techniques are applied. But there are also some oak casks in which traditional retsina ripens. Our vineyards are located in the area of Keratea, but also in the wider area of Lavreotiki. The geographical location of the city combined with the proximity to the surrounding coasts make it one of the most favorable areas for vine growing. The two main contributors to the survival of vineyards are the quality of arable land and the climate of Attica. Specifically, the mild characteristics of the seasons, combined with the sea breezes, form an excellent environment for the cultivation and viability of the grape. Our vineyards are spread over 180 privately-owned acres. They are mainly linear and have a low yield of 300-400 kg per acre. The dominant variety is Savvatiano, followed by Mandilaria, Agiorgitiko, Muscat of Hamburg and Malagouzia.

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Picture of Archaies Plagies 2018 - Liepouris Winery
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