Metron Ariston - Papantonis Winery

Producer: Papantonis Winery
Varieties: Ροδίτης , Chardonnay
Region: Πελοπόννησος

METRON ARISTON has a soft lemon colour with green highlights. Aromas of spring, ripe grapefruit, ripe lime, pear and peach come to the nose. Finally, its full body is dominated by a fresh acidity that rejuvenates the palate leaving a long and pleasant aftertaste.

The name of the other wine “METRON ARISTON” – “MODERATION IS BEST” is attributed to Cleobulus of Rhodes, one of the seven sages of ancient Greece. It has the same meaning as “MEDEN AGAN”.

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Products specifications
Color White
Type Dry
Region Peloponnese
Geographical Indication PGI Peloponnese
Vintage 2022
Variety Roditis, Chardonnay
Bottle 750ml (Standard Bottle)
Matured in Stainless Steel Tank
Alcohol 13%
Organic No
Natural No
Aging potential 1 - 3 years
Closure Cork
Serving temperature 11°C - 13°C

Papantonis Winery

Papantonis Winery, considered one of the best in Greece, has been producing only 2 dry wines for 30 years. The red MΕDEN AGAN from the local variety Agiorgitiko of Nemea and the white METRON ARISTON from the local variety Roditis (65%) and the international variety Chardonnay (35%). MΕDEN AGAN has ruby color and fruity aroma. The taste is soft, velvety, round with a long finish on the mouth. Served at 16 ° - 18 ° C. It is a perfect wine for aging. It accompanies perfectly game, red meats, pasta and mature cheeses. MIDEN AGAN is the well-known word of the Delphic Oracle which means "Nothing in Excess" ie "Everything in Measure". It is attributed to Chilon the Lacedaemonius, one of the Seven Wise Men of Ancient Greece, who wanted to suggest that truth and virtue are always in the middle, without exaggeration. METRON ARISTON has lemon color with green hues. It has fresh spring aromas, ripe grapefruit, ripe lime, pear and peach. Finally, on the palate it has fresh acidity and rich body. It accompanies perfectly fish and white meats. "METRON ARISTON" means avoiding exaggerations and extremes in people's lives. It expresses harmony in most human activities. Attributed to Cleovoulos from Rhodes, one of the seven wise men of Ancient Greece.