Musita Winery

In the second half of the 19th century, Don Ignazio planted the first vineyard, convinced that the area on the hillside that the Arabs called "Mus├Čta", was among the best in all of western Sicily.

After a long and persistent work, the winery built in the '70s is entering a new life cycle, where new technologies take care of the entire production process, allowing the particularities of the region to be preserved. History and innovation are found in the vineyards, between the hilly soils of Salemi at an altitude of 500 meters. The pure expression of the wonderful land is enhanced by the skilled hands of agronomists and oenologists.

The Musita winery and the whole team apply a protocol every day that guarantees a sustainable and natural production process, from land to wine. Every day they work hard for the earth, nature and its precious fruits. Environmental sustainability has always been a part of the philosophy of the Musita winery: "Our wines are the result of a wise tradition, with specific cultivation and production criteria, with full respect for nature."

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