Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm

Mykonos Vioma was established in 1994 by Nikos Asimomytis. The historic, monastery vineyard of Maou was rejuvenated by planting traditional Aegean-sea varieties: Asyrtiko, Athiri, Monemvasia, Malagouzia, Agiannitis and Mandilaria.

The cultivation is organic, bio-dynamic, based on the principles of Rudolph Steiner. Thanks to the microclimate of the region –strong north winds and lack of water- and due to the rich ingredients of the soil, remaining free of chemicals, pesticides and intensive cultivation, healthy grapes of a superior taste and quality are produced. The traditional Aegean-sea grape varieties are naturally compatible with these conditions. Weeds are eliminated and the soil is fertilized with the co-operation of the farm animals. Finally,classical music is played through speakers around the field since vines correspond very positively to good quality music and become healthy and vigorous.

The yield is small, just 350 kg/hectare; the two basic reasons are because the plants are kept low due to the strong winds and because they are not irrigated, therefore finding moisture in the atmosphere -mostly carried by the sea breeze- and in the soil through their roots.

Ο ιστορικός μοναστηριακοός αμπελώνας της Μαού αναπαλαιώθηκε από τον Νίκο Ασημομύτη το 1994 και φέρει πλέον την επωνυμία Οικολογικό Αγρόκτημα Μυκόνου Βίωμα. Καλλιεργούνται σταφύλια αιγαιοπελαγίτικων ποικιλιών (Ασύρτικο, Αθήρι, Μονεμβασιά, Μαλαγουζιά, Αιγιαννίτης και Μανδηλαριά), ακολουθώντας βιολογική-βιοδυναμική καλλιέργεια, σύμφωνα με τις αρχές του Rudolph Steiner. Η απόδοση είναι μικρή, 350Kg/στρέμμα, καθώς τα αμπέλια δεν ποτίζονται και οι ανάγκες τους σε νερό καλύπτονται από την υγρασία στην ατμόσφαιρα και τη θαλάσσια αύρα, καθώς και από το έδαφος μέσω του ριζικού τους συστήματος.

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