Nikolou Winery

Nikolou Winery, A new perspective of Attica Wines. Our portofolio includes 11 single vintage labels from Greek varieties as they are expressed through Attica terroir. Main variety is Savatiano, from which we have 4 different expressions. Our winery is awarded by CEUCO as the Best European Winery 2018 due to the production of the first sparkling Retsina from Savatiano (Methode Traditionnelle). Label name “Botanic”. In addition, we produce sulfite free and natural wines. In 2017 our winery certified as a visitable winery. Contact us at:

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Picture of Botanic Base - Nikolou Winery
Picture of Savatiano 2019 - Nikolou Winery
Picture of Avros Nikolou - Nikolou Winery
Picture of Assyrtiko 2021 - Nikolou Winery
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