Paterianaki Winery

Ktima Paterianaki is located just 18 km from the city of Heraklion, Crete, at the exit of the village of Melesesses Pediados, in the Municipality of N. Kazantzakis. At an altitude of six hundred and fifty meters (650 m.), A modern biological unit of traditional Cretan and foreign varieties was created, vinification, bottling and hospitality. The area is characterized as biologically sensitive, superior quality D.O.P.A.P. - V.Q.P.R.D΄΄, which meets all the rules of organic and biodynamic agriculture, ensuring the quality and uniqueness of the products produced at the Paterianaki Estate Ktima Paterianaki has been certified in organic farming by DIO, an official body for the control and certification of organic products. It is worth noting that the Paterianaki Estate was the first in Crete to start producing wines from organic grapes. More information at

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