Πύργος Βασιλίσσης - Pyrgos Vasilissis

The vineyard covers 4 hectares( 40.000 square metres), pretty much in the same location where the initial vineyard of the queen was planted, and its extension of about 2 hectares has already begun. Concerning the formation of the first plantation of 18 hectares, Queen Amalia had hired viticulturists of Megara. Today’s cultivation is organic and the grape varieties are wine varieties, Greek and foreign (European), white and red.

For the newly planted grapevines, only greek varieties are used, favoring more exploration of the capacity of the greek vineyard on the whole. The goal is to produce grape fruit of the best quality, from which we can have the finest wines, aromatic and nervous, ideal for drinking them in short time, and others that are bolder, with complexity and force, with an aging potential suitable for the better expression of its character.

The harvest of the grapes sets off at dawn, for it’s the time when the fruit is as cool as can get, and it lasts till 10.00 a.m.

The mustification and vinification take place in the winery within the territory of the estate, which is in the restored old building that has always served as the building of the winery . The winery is fully equipped with modern, technological machinery. The cellar where the wines are aged is underneath the winery and exhibits a spectacular work of wall structure of the 19th century. Every year, during the harvest, the effort being made is to highlight the features of the vintage imbued in our wines, which bear the qualification of “organic wines”, according to the Greek and E.U. laws. The products of the vineyard are three white wines and one red.

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