Vatistas Ioannis Vineyards

The vineyards of Ioannis Vatistas are spread out on the plain of the Peoples and on the slopes of Pantanassa, next to Monemvasia where the famous Malvazia wine came out. Ioannis Vatistas, after long and painstaking efforts, created in 1986 the first systematically cultivated vineyard on the family's estate in Agios Nikolaos. Then there are the vineyards on the slopes of Pantanassa and quickly the rest on the plain of the Voi of the municipality of Monemvasia. In 1990 his passion and love for good wine pushed him to create a small traditional winery in the vineyards where he bottled his first wines. From then until today, with the proper vine cultivation method and hard work, we ensure the crop of excellent quality. The microclimate of the region, combined with the varietal composition of the vineyards in some areas located in the sea, is the starting point and basis for quality wine production. His successful course to date allows him to distinguish himself in Greek and foreign markets. In the vineyards that now exceed 400 acres, Greek and rare local varieties such as Kidonitsa, Petroulianos, Asproudi, Thrapsa, Mavroudi, Monemvasia, Smyrniko, Astridiki, Roditis, Manitou, Roditis, Manitou, Roditis, Manitou and Roditis are cultivated. , Athiri, Agiorgitiko and Malagouzia. We will also meet the noble foreign varieties Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet and Merlot.

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