Vinsanto 2015 Koutsoyannopoulos

Varieties: Αηδάνι, Ασύρτικο
Region: Αιγαίο Πέλαγος

A natutrally sweet white wine, from the sun dried grapes of Assyrtiko and Aidani, natives varieties to Santorini 

CLIMATE: Dry with limited rainfall during winter and spring.Moderate temperatures during winter. Warm to moderate temperatures during summer, usually without periods of extreme heat due to cooling northern winds. Strong winds throughout the year.

SOIL: Volcanic, with a mixture of ash and pumice stone.

CULTIVATION : Vineyards are non-irrigated using the traditional Santorini methods of pruning the vines into basket shapes (kouloura) to protect them from the wind and sun. The vineyards are at an altitude of 50 meters.

GRAPE YIELDS: 3000 kilos per hectare

VINIFICATION TECHNIQUE: Vinsanto is produced exclusively in Santorini. The grapes are sun-dried for 10 - 14 days when their sugars are dehydrated and caramelized. Five kilos of sundried grapes produce a liter of Vinsanto. The wine is aged in oak barrels in the cellar of our winery for atleast 2 years before bottling. The process of aging continues in the bottles for many years to come.                                      

HARVEST: After middle of August

TASTING NOTES: Rich aromas of coffee, caramel, dried fruits and marmalade, raisin and dried nuts. A fine balance between intense sweetness and acidity.

FOOD PAIRING: Best enjoyed before or after a meal accompanied by fruit, dried nuts, cake, chocolate, or poured on ice-cream, or by the glass. 

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Products specifications
Color White
Type Sweet
Region Aegean Islands
Geographical Indication PDO Santorini
Vintage 2015
Variety Aidani, Assyrtiko
Maturation 24
Matured in Oak Barrels
Alcohol 10
Organic No
Natural No
Aging potential 10+ years
Closure Cork
Serving temperature 7°C - 9°C
0.0 0
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Koutsoyannopoulos Winery

The winery was started in 1870 by the brothers Grigoris and Dimitris Koutsoyannopoulos, exporting Vinsanto wine to Odessa. Today, the fourth generation with the care, passion and supervision of the owner George Koutsoyannopoulos continues the family tradition. Equipped with the latest technology, with extensive experience in viticulture techniques and the capabilities of local vine varieties, high quality wines are produced that express the unique terroir of the Santorini vineyards. But it's not just a winery. It is also a cultural leader. The establishment of the Wine Museum on the same estate that the winery is, is a cultural heritage for "today". In an imposing cave space, 8 meters below the ground and 300 meters long, in the shape of a maze, the history of Viticulture and Oenology of Santorini is presented. The visitor has the opportunity to meet the Santorini grape grower, through the exhibits, from 1660 to 1970. The stages of wine production as well as all the machines, are exhibited in chronological order. Pruning, plowing the land, harvesting, pressing and weighing the grapes. The rare exhibits, machinery and winemaking tools will transport the visitor to another era and he will end his tour at the office of the founder of the winery Grigorios Koutsoyannopoulos where all his personal belongings and office supplies of the year 1870 are exhibited. At the end of the visit, the visitor can try our wines in our wine tasting areas.

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