Αγιάμι Λευκό 2019 - Κτήμα Μάγγελ

Producer: Maggel Estate
Variety: Sauvignon Blanc
Region: Μακεδονία

Αγιάμι Λευκός Ποικιλιακή σύνθεση: Sauvignon Blanc 100% Χαρακτηριστικά: Στιλπνό χρυσοκίτρινο χρώμα χωρίς να είναι απόλυτα διαυγές, αποτέλεσμα της ήπιας μηχανικής κατεργασίας και της απουσίας φιλτραρίσματος, που διατηρούν ανέπαφο το χαρακτήρα της ποικιλίας. Αρώματα από ώριμα φρούτα, εσπεριδοειδή, νεράντζι. Στο στόμα μέλι και έντονη οξύτητα που είναι ευχάριστη εξαιτίας της πλούσιας λιπαρής γεύσης του.

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Products specifications
Color White
Type Dry
Region Macedonia
Geographical Indication PGI Kastoria
Vintage 2019
Variety Sauvignon Blanc
Bottle 750ml (Standard Bottle)
Alcohol 12,5%
Organic No
Natural No
Closure Cork
Serving temperature 7°C - 9°C
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Maggel Estate

Orizontes is a company that was developed by the love and knowledge of five friends for the retail. In the heart of Northern Greece, in Lakoma Chalkidiki, the vision of the group for the excellent  service of the selling points of the area, started taking place in 1996 when the company was founded.

A lot has changed since then, with the company being adjusted, developing, predicting and creating trends in the market within Greece and outside as well.  Having as a primary goal the development of innovative brands and as main activities the logistics, representations and retail distributions, Orizontes has managed to enter the HORECA  market with an excellent collection of Greek food and drinks, giving an innovative approach to their brand identity.  At the same time the company specializes in developing private label products for its customers.

Steadily, using new sales policy, strategic partnerships and above all anthropocentric approach, Orizontes has managed to strengthen its position in the Greek market while at the same time it has amplified their export identity, gaining the trust of suppliers and customers.