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41 Undersea White Wine 2017 - Domaine Foivos

Region: Ιόνιο Πέλαγος
White Dry Free-run Experimental Wine; Vintage 2017. Limited number of bottles.

A limited number of bottles of the '41' wine are aged submerged in the sea, in a depth of 22 m. The wine aged in the sea in laboratory conditions (almost constant temperature, perfect absence of oxygen, salinity, pressure of 1.500 kg per cm2, darkness),was incorporated perfectly in the underwater environment and in a "metaphysical" way brings the sea breeze and iodine in the glass! The color remained like not a day passed.

All the white varieties of the Greek Vineyard together in a bottle of wine. Experimental vinification of 41indigenous and autochthonous white varieties: asyrtico, athiri, vidiano, savatiano, malagousia, petroulanos, zakynthino, vilana, malvasia, lagorthi, vostilidi, robola, muscat, tsaousi, mushatel etc.

Vinification: Cold extraction before fermentation for 8-10 hours at a controlled low temperature, separation of free run and press run musts, fermentation at a controlled temperature, maintenance of wine with the wine lees for about a month with periodical stirring, filtering and bottling.

It has crystal color, complex and elegant aromas with notes of citrus, robust body with very interesting acidity and excellent aftertaste.

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Products specifications
Color White
Type Dry
Region Ionian Islands
Geographical Indication Varietal Wine
Vintage 2017
Bottle 750ml (Standard Bottle)
Alcohol 12,5%
Organic No
Natural No
Aging potential 3 - 5 years
Closure Cork
Serving temperature 9°C - 11°C