Asfendiano 2021 - Hatzinikolaou Winery

Variety: Merlot
Region: Αιγαίο Πέλαγος

Our best-selling sweet mulled wine, made in the traditional way of Asfendiou, our dad's village. Each bottle requires around 3 kilos of grapes. Part of the must is slowly boiled and filtered to give the wine this special sweet taste. The process takes a whole day, and is quite hard, especially in the summer.

It is a most demanding and costly wine to produce, but also worth the trouble, since whoever tries it, falls in love!

RRP: €14.00
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Products specifications
Color Red
Type Sweet
Region Aegean Islands
Geographical Indication PGI Dodekanese
Vintage 2021
Variety Merlot
Bottle 375ml (Half Bottle), 750ml (Standard Bottle)
Maturation 6 μήνες
Matured in Oak Barrels
Alcohol 17%
Organic No
Natural Yes
Aging potential 1 - 3 years
Closure Cork
Serving temperature 14°C - 16°C

Hatzinikolaou Winery

Small family winery on the island of Kos. All our wines are made with our own, unwatered grapes, giving them a fuller body and taste. We try to impose minimum intervention using native yeast and as fewer sulfides as possible. Our vineyard is located on the NW side of one of the Dikaios mountain foothills, at an altitude of 250-400 metres. The area is aptly known as "Horafa" (big field) which, by Kos standards, it is, even though 7 acres (only half of them planted so far) might be considered a joke elsewhere.

Besides the popular international varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah, we are focused on an obscure local variety called "Mavrothyliko" (the Black Lady grape). This was an almost extinct local variety which we rediscovered in 2009 and decided to revive. Half our roots are now Black Lady roots, making us the biggest producer worldwide and the first ever to produce the particular grape commerically. This was also the main reason for the creation of our winery.

Black Lady can be found in our Dry Red Platanaki (60%) and is also one of the main ingredients of Asfendiano, a local sweet mulled wine.

We also offer Pink Dry Platanaki (Syrah & Cabernet) as well as White Dry Platanaki (Malagouzia & Asryrtiko).

All our wines are offered in either 375ml or 750ml bottles with natural aging corks.

Our total output per year is currently less than 10,000 bottles, though we have the potential of going up to 30,000.

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