Praxis IV 2021 - Haralabakis Winery (6 bottles)

Producer: Haralabakis Winery
Varieties: Κοτσιφάλι , Syrah, Μαντηλάρι
Region: Κρήτη

Low acreage yields in privately owned vineyards, controlling the quality of the raw material and state-of-the-art equipment for grape processing.

Deep red color with violet shades and aromas of red fresh fruit. Well-structured and easy to drink, with soft notes of smoke to complement the dominant red blend of the Cretan land. Drink it as an aperitif or combine it ideally with spaghetti with red sauce,
braised meats or grilled meats.

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Products specifications
Color Red
Type Dry
Region Crete
Geographical Indication PGI Crete
Vintage 2021
Variety Kotsifali, Syrah, Mantilari
Bottle 750ml (Standard Bottle)
Maturation 2 μήνες
Matured in Oak Barrels
Alcohol 13,8
Organic No
Natural No
Aging potential 3 - 5 years
Closure Cork
Serving temperature 14°C - 16°C

Haralabakis Winery

Agapi(Love). Meraki(Meraki). Zilos(Zeal). 

These are the core values of our family. With these three showing us the way we are working hard for our dream; Spreading the word for Cretan wine all over the world.

In a country where small property is the norm, we managed to gather large areas of vineyards to achieve our goal. We create wines exclusively from privately owned vineyards, producing high quality grapes with low acreage yield.

Our story begins back in 2015, when our family purchased 100 acres. Today, with over 200 acres at our disposal, we
gradually move on to further planting and expansion of our vineyards. Permanent staff takes care of proper
and healthy growth of our grapes which guarantees our oenological team high quality raw material. 

Using the mildest methods possible during vinification,

  • the processing of grapes is done separately for each vineyard, in small tanks. 
  • Bottling is done with the latter word of technology always preserving the quality of our wines. 
  • Aiming at the best result, from vinification to bottling and shipment of our wines, we maintain low temperatures and oxygenprotection conditions in the winery.
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