Argadini Red - Rodousakis Wines

Producer: Rodousakis Wines
Varieties: Κοτσιφάλι , Merlot, Μαντηλάρι
Region: Κρήτη

Table red semi sweet red wine from classic red Cretan varieties wiyh intense colour and aromas of red fruits. It accompanies red meats and grilled dishes.

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Products specifications
Color Red
Type Semi-Sweet
Region Crete
Variety Kotsifali, Merlot, Mantilari
Bottle 750ml (Standard Bottle)
Alcohol 12%
Natural Yes
Closure Screw Cap

Rodousakis Wines

From 1937, grandfather Kyriakos Rodousakis produced barrel wine (Marouva) from Roman grapes, a variety that thrives mainly in our country, Kissamos, Chania, which was consumed in Argantini's companions, desserts and carols, especially in his cafe. He sold the rest.The process of wine production has been a tradition and has been the subject of attraction for the younger members of the family - from the cultivation of the vineyards to the pressing and filling of the barrels. From 2000 onwards, Mr. Giannis Rodousakis, grandson of Grandpa Kyriakos, inspired by the family tradition but also his love for the vineyard and wine, working with other varieties, other flavors and proceeded to bottling-standardization and then to his mood.As Mr. Giannis says, "one thing pleases me, we like wines and their sales and acceptance by the world prove it." He adds: "Besides, I believe that wine is a hobby, a passion, a way of life for us and a culture of every Cretan producer. In the vintage we have fun, at the press we party, in the cauldrons of tsikoudia we meet our own, friends, acquaintances, strangers, whoever, yes, well defined - "On our head" we say in Crete to eat to drink and to party, good to do and not to be sold "so that we can drink it and have fun and be brothers as our old people did".

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